Water Leak - Electric Bill - Fans and Dehumidifiers

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My tenant has requested a reimbursement on her electric bill for the 4-5 days the fans and dehumidifiers ran. The tenant is responsible for the electric. How do I address this? Does she need to take this up with her renter's insurance provider or am I indeed responsible for using the electric to dry the water?

What is the situation was the water leak  her fault?  How bad was it?   What are we talking about regarding fans and water? 

 If she has renters insurance she can try to recoup it there. I would advise if she was responsible for the flooding then she would get nothing.  If it is  a mechanical failure or you had an issue that inconvenienced her because of a mechanical failure that is what I think she is looking to be paid back for and what I would do would depend on the situation. 

It was a mechanical failure. The water came from a third party, the condo above.  Five fans and three dehumidifiers powered for several days.  

Thank you for the assist, I may just give it to her.

Shouldn't the "condo above" pay?

Yes, you should reimburse her.  You can likely make it up when you get reimbursed by the owner above's insurance, or your own.

Turns out there is coverage in my rental insurance policy for additional utility expenses. It will be rolled into my claim.

Can I send a bill to the third party requesting reimbursement for my deductible? 

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