TEXT for INFO yard signs--has anyone used these yet???

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Has anyone used these signs sold from Lowe's?

I just found some brand new signs sold only at Lowe's called TEXT for INFO. For the cost of the sign ($12.98) you set up a listing and get a unique code that renters can text to. It sends them a link to a web listing that is created when you register and then they can contact you by email or phone to set up an appt. You can also publish the listing to rent.com, Zillow, etc. for free! Here is the link to the sign from Lowe's and the website you use to register.



I also set up a Google Voice number that goes directly to VM to catch all responses from it. I am getting ready to use one of these signs and was interested on any experiences from others.

My husband and I used it for our primary turned investment home. I also used a Google Voice number for the info to be sent to. It works great because we posted it on our Facebook pages and my husband has a ton of friends who started tagging and sharing it. You will love it. 

We use them in our office. I think they are great.

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