Energy rebate for new central AC install

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I just installed a new central AC system at a rental unit.

The install cost me over $3500, and Florida Power and Light offers a pitiful $91 rebate.

I heard in some other states the power companies offer a significant rebates to a new AC or furnace, or even energy saving appliances.

Anyway in order to get this $91 rebate my AC installer asked me to provide to him the FPL account number of my tenant living there.

When I asked the tenant about the account number they questioned whether that rebate should be going to them or me.

I paid for the central AC system.

Yet FPL is offering a rebate and requested an account number for the rebate, giving them an impression this is the account which should be reaping the benefits.

What say you?  To me I don't care it's $91 it's not even worth the time for a conversation but I suppose this could come up again with other units and appliances.

That tenant is an *** for even questioning who's rebate it is!

He would be paying more if you would have left the old inefficient unit there, so since it was your expense and his savings, it should go to you, the person who paid to have it installed.

Can't you go to FPL and ask for the account number of that property, since you own it?

@Carlos Enriquez

No, I cannot access the tenant's FPL account number.

I do have an account for that property, but it is the main house account, not the individual unit account.

Just to be sure, I called FPL this morning and inquired about the rebate program and the rationale associated with the rebate program requiring a FPL account number for the AC install location.  They told me that the rebate is intended to go to the person who owns the electric account.  They don't care who owns the property, who pays for the central AC system.  So as much as I didn't like the answer, I must admit I was wrong, and in the past I have done it one other time where I provided a tenant's electric account number to receive a credit to the final cost of the system.  Only that time the tenant didn't question it.

I am surprised by the answer.  I wonder if this is typical?  I know they give big rebates to new furnaces up north, do those go to the tenants too?

I guess if the rebate amount is substantial and requires an active electric account to claim the rebate, it may be worthwhile to wait till your turn the unit around to install new systems and appliances when the account is temporarily in your name.