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I am buying a 2 family place in MASS. There are three floors. I am going to let my friend stay in the top floor and rent the second floor, while I live in the first floor.

The first floor is one unit and the second and third floor make up the second unit.

Is there a way I can still charge utilities to the tenants on the second floor? all the meters for the second unit include the third and second floor. Is it legal to have an electrician separate the second and third floor, and add a meter to the third floor?

Thanks for any help!


So if i'm reading correctly, the house is 2 units that are already seperate meters. One for the first floor, one for the second and third? And now you want to add a third for the third floor?

If the second and third floor are only one unit then I don't think it would be worth adding another meter. Seems like the fair thing to do is to split the cost between your friend and the 2nd floor tenant.

Question. Does the third floor unit have its own bath and kitchen or will your friend be using yours? If it can stand alone as its own unit, then it would be wise to separate the utilities but you will first need to check with planning and zoning to see if a third unit is allowed.

You may also need to pull a permit to separate off the utilities. Electricity shouldn't be a problem but it may not be realistic to separate the heating systems.