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Happy Friday team:
I need help!! I recently purchased my first investment property in Trenton New Jersey and just finished renovations today.

Where can I advertize for the property? I'd like to get a tenant to move in by October 1st. It's a 3 bedroom single family house near to a hospital. I already went to the hospital to see if I could advertise in a staff area there. Any other ideas?

All help is appreciated.

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Craigslist, your nearest rental agencies, word of mouth, newspaper, flyers, and hand out cards to people you meet.

I would say these days Craigslist is your best bet. Prospective tenants use Craigslist a LOT when looking for places to live. That's the only place I looked when I was a tenant.

Right now, I advertise on craigslist and have a "for rent" sign in front of the property. 

I prefer craigslist, and that is where I got my leads.

Avoid the following mistakes I made when getting my first tenants:

If you do put a "for rent" sign out in front of your property, make sure to talk to the tenants to make sure they meet your qualifications. Alternatively, ask them to text you an email address and then send them info on the property and your requirements. If you just say hi, i'll see you tomorrow at noon; you will end up having 90% no-shows and the other 10% probably won't qualify.

Be as descriptive as possible on your craigslist ad and make sure to include pictures. In addition to being descriptive about the property make absolutely sure to list your requirements. Income, credit score, whatever it is you want and don't want in your property. (Remain within the confines of the law).

So to conclude: Craigslist is probably your #1 bet.

OK great info: If I use Craigslist, is it safe to communicate with someone using my personal email address?

Also try  It will push your listing out to zillow, trulia, etc.

If you use craigslist, set it to not show your personal email address, it will use a craigslist one instead and still send to you.

Personally I've never got results from craigslist. Zillow and Trulia bring in more online traffic. But most come from seeing the sign out front.

I recently set up a Google Voice number and set it to Do Not Disturb, with a recorded message about the unit features and qualifications. I then get an email with any voice messages and can call back at my convenience. This way too I don't have to give out my cell number.

About 80% of our leads come from Craigslist. It works better in some markets than others, but it works great for us!

And as long as you reply to inquiries through their site, prospects won't have your email address. 

Got it. Totally awesome. Many thanks everyone.

Our town has a for sale/rent page on facebook. Going to try it for the first time this week. has 1000s of followers and things posted gets alot of attention. People looking for a place to rent will post also.

If you are looking to accept Section 8, then the local Housing Authority will usually have a way to post an available rental with them. 

A follow up on my facebook for sale/rent post. I posted on Monday, had 3 showings on Wednesday and am handing over the keys tomorrow (Saturday)   New to this, but I'm happy with the results. 

Wow, a lot of good ideas on this thread.  Thanks for starting it.

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