Phoenix vacation property management companies?

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I'm looking into buying a SFR in the Chandler area of Arizona, and am looking for recommendations for a great vacation property management company. Im looking for someone how has insight into the vacation rental market in this area. Any recommendations would be much appreciated, thanks!


That's not my area of expertise but I met a guy at the Phoenix Real Estate Investors Club a few months ago that did that exclusively. I will try to find his contact info for you.

Michael, I own a number of homes in the Phoenix area and have recommended Dick as a property manager as recently as this morning (Jenny will be calling you). It is a great rental area but a vacation home rental is another entire animal. It is very expensive proposition with the turn over and fees involved. If you are thinking of doing this so you can have a place to stay when in Phoenix let me suggest that renting it out on a lease will probably give you enough money to rent a very nice hotel when in town. Just a thought.

I have talked to a few people that do VRBO here in the valley and they are going very well.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or I can help in any way.  we might be able to refer you to some people that can help with the turns.


Vacation rentals seem to be the next big thing. I don't handle vacation rental management either, but I do receive requests occasionally. I'm very interested in learning from others who do handle these properties. 


Thanks everyone for the insight.  Vacation rentals definitely seem to be more work, but may people are swearing on the returns.  I'm not really looking to use these properties personally at this point, but the cash flow numbers with minimal upfront capital aren't as appealing with where the market currently sits.  Not saying there aren't properties where the numbers work, because there are, and i'm interested in traditional rental properties as well.

Dick - I would appreciate this contact if easily available, I will message you directly.

Anyone have experience/insight into the sun lakes area?

What rental duration are you typically expecting on a SFR vacation rental? Do people really rent SFRs here for the weekend? Or is this a monthly thing? I live in Mesa, which is close to Chandler, and I can see renting a home out for a season like to snow birds or possibly during baseball spring training but never would have expected weekend/weekly rentals as out performing traditional rentals with the high turn over and marketing costs.

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Arizona Focus Realty handles vacation properties exclusively, and work mainly in the East Valley.  They have a website and can be reached by email  They handle everything with my vacation rental and do a great job with it.  


I have been doing vacation rentals for several years in other states and just recently started in the Mesa & Scottsdale areas. Like someone mentioned, it is a different animal. The returns are better than traditional rentals but the workload is much higher and it is more service oriented. The way I approached it is by having a local vacation rental management company, I complement bookings the rental management company gets with my own advertisements.

In the AZ area I went with a company called AwayLiving. 

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Hi Michael,

Are you still looking for a well recommended Vacation Property Management Company? I have a top notch recommendation that comes with great referrals of of the properties they currently manage.

Let me know. I am happy to connect you.

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