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Hello Everyone. I have only posted once, but I love looking at the different questions and answers as I continue my journey into investing. I have purchased two properties in Flint, Mi. (Beecher to be exact.) I have not received Deeds or anything yet to the homes, but I have changed the locks on 1. On home #2, I noticed there is a sign on the door that reads; In Regards to the disaster at this residence, Owner should contact E.D.C immediately. It also gives a Cell #. I have called this number and it is disconnected. This home is chained. Both doors have locks and are chained. Someone also has been cutting the grass and maintaining the yard. I will try to post a picture in the comment section, of the Notice. Has anyone encountered this notice or something similar. What do you think I should do next? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Are the sales recorded in your name at the clerk of courts ? If so, get a bolt cutter and enter your property.

I suspect technically until you get your deed you are trespassing. However many do as you do and just go in and change locks and take possession if a property is vacant. 

I don't think the chains change anything. I suspect there is a REO servicing company which secured the building and has been cutting the grass. My guess is that EDC is an REO servicing company.The number is probably just s local agent that no longer works for them.


Find out what disaster occurred there and look up EDC before you go in.  It may be nothing, and as the new owner, you weren't liable for what "occurred", but I would be curious.

Thanks for the responses. I do have permission to enter both homes per agreement to waive liability and I was told to break in and change the locks. If it is a Reo company do I still need to cut the chains. I have tried to google them and haven't found any info. 

With that authorization, I would go ahead.  Do you have it in writing?

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