House hacking tenant never home

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Hi guys,

I am 2/3rds through my first month house hacking. It seems so far the tenant has spent only a few nights here, he spends an awful lot of time away from home. He has also been quite unresponsive to emails and hasn't signed up for yet even though we agreed to it. 

Normally I wouldn't/don't care if he is away a lot and would say he is all the better tenant for it. He is very quiet and seems to keep the place fairly clean so far. There is a just a growing concern in the back of my head he doesn't like the place etc and/or is going to become late on payments. 

Do you guys think I should email him asking him if everything is ok(mentioning him being seldom home?)? - Or just leave it alone? - and how often should I remind him to sign up for erentpayment? I don't want to come off as a greedy landlord only concerned about my monthly check, I also want a happy tenant.

Write him an e-mail asking him how everything is going now that he is settled in. See if there is anything that you can do to help him settle in more. I don't see anything wrong with being in the picture too much that first month, as the first month is usually when they find little things that need to be repaired anyways. You are both settling in to this new agreement.

With erentpayment, I would personally wait. My tenant waited until the last day of the month to figure out how to pay me and realized it would take a few days for the payment to go through. The first month is hopefully the rough month and then everything should smooth out. Goodluck!

He is never home because he chooses to be not at home and it really does not impact you.  As suggested if you want to email him and just ask him if there is anything you can do to help him settle in to just ask, as suggested, that sounds fine. 

It's not even one month and the dust hasn't even settled

You will find out as soon as the month is up how he is going to handle the rent payments and it seems you will have to wait and see.   

Do let us know how this works out

I agree with @Barbara G. , an email will do just fine. If there is something he did want you to do, he would email you back. If he's good, then he might not. (although that would not be polite) As far as the rent payment, I also had trouble sorting it out in the first couple of months, once he finds a way he likes, it should be like clockwork. But don't worry about them not paying rent, you just follow the protocol if they don't. But you can't always be there making sure they're happy. If they have a problem, they should come talk to you, as long as they know that, you should be good. 

@Barbara G.,

As a renter at the moment.  I concur with the above statements.  I relocated and moved into an apartment while I search for a home.  Got the apartment on a Tuesday (after they were still working on it) truck with my belongings came on Wednesday, car came on Friday, and I flew out of town for 2 weeks on Friday night.  I returned on a Friday as well. Spent from Friday to the following sunday and then went back out of town for another 2 weeks.

People travel for issues.  If I had my landlord (property management) send me an email/letter I would have liked that!!

And chill on the payment you either get the money or you don't then you know what to do.

Yep the tenant wound up signing up and submitting payment on the due date.  I took that as an opportunity to email him asking if he has any problems concerns about the website or the unit.