Section 8

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can a landlord appeal a section 8 inspection complain  bt a tenant if they were not notified when the section 8 inspector dud inspection

@Sheritta Sampson you should have been notified but more importantly the tenant was notified. The landlord is not required to be there for the inspection. 

Ty Rob the  never them in that . However they rescheduled it once I was notified then they came out two weeks prior without notifying me and wrote me up for 9 non emergency violations but they all say owner and one of the violations simple one as cloak around the tub still fresh from when my contractor fixed a leak for the third time right before this happened I m thinking this may have been done over the phone because it should have been seen I m wondering if it can be appealed because somethings not right

One of the issues with Section 8 is that they are not flexible. They have their rules and if noted items are not fixed within a certain amount of time, they either stop paying rent all together or deduct unreasonable amounts from the rent. Can you appeal?  I don't think so, but I could be wrong. We have stopped renting out to Section 8 due to property damage, strict and unfair rules, and mostly, unreasonable requests by the county where Section 8 is paid through. We had to deviate from our standard lease to have the tenant NOT be responsible for changing light bulbs, smoke alarm batteries and HVAC filters (that normally are a responsibility of the tenant). 

Hope that helped.

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