Reasonable price to have the exterior of a fourplex repainted?

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Dang it, I just pasted over my text!  Give me a second, I'll retype my question as a reply.  See below.

Ok, we own the above fourplex and we're looking to have the exterior repainted.  It's a big rectangle building with wood siding, probably about 60 ft wide, 35 or 40 ft deep, and 2 stories.  Those garages are directly attached to the building, so there aren't exterior walls between the garages and units that would also need to be painted.  Also, there is a small balcony off each upstairs rear bedroom (1 balcony per unit) that need to be restained.

Our PM got a quote of $4400 to repaint the exterior.  That includes power wash, caulking, primer, and 2 coats of paint.  They gave a separate quote of $1400 to power wash and restain the 4 balconies.

Do those seem like reasonable prices?  How do they calculate a price to repaint an exterior?

Depends on the area bit it doesn't seem too out of line as long as they supply everything and will back up their work. A smaller painting company or one man show will be negotiable on the price if they are needing the work. If you don't ask, you don't get.

It's in the ballpark, but I would get at least two more bids.  I use yelp for service companies and not only shop for price, but 5 star reviews.

Thanks guys.  The property is in Colorado, if that affects price at all.  Yes, the quote includes the supplies.

I'm looking for our PM to get more bids, this is just what we got first.

sounds good to me. Two coats is nice

Have you thought of getting an estimate to get vynl siding on the house?

Would that be much more expensive??

Looks in the ballpark - especially if your PM has a working relationship with the painter - of course a couple more bids is the obvious answer - but when you don't live in market you really need to lean on the PM for not just a fair price but a reliable painter. 

Thanks for the feedback.  We aren't considering vinyl at this point, but honestly aren't that used to siding.  We're from CA, where almost all houses are stucco.

Yes, this is the painter that our PM has a working relationship with.  We've used this same painter to paint a few of the interiors of those units, and their price was right in the ballpark, based on my research, so I was assuming this was a reasonable price too, but I just didn't know.

@Kimberly T. So I have done some painting recently. The best prices I've gotten were in line with the price you got. I would say this, if your PM is providing the bids and you want them to get more than one you are stretching that relationship unless you are paying them extra for running around and getting bids for you. Part of their business should be knowing what a good price is for the standard items. IF they are trustworthy then you are creating lots of extra work having them chase around for extra bids. IF they are not trust worthy the all bets are off and having them get you another 3 or 4 won't make things better.

@Kimberly T. :


      That's a very reasonable quote given the nature of the amount of work subcontractors currently have going on in Colorado. I would still get other quotes, but I would be surprised if they come in any lower. I just painted a fourplex in Fort Collins, for a new build and the cost was $8,200. Its a little larger and has four paint colors, but still this should give you an idea of the current cost to get subs out to do the project. Hope this helps


Thank you all! Appreciate it.

Our PM seems pretty trustworthy, and from my research online in addition to what you all have said, it sounds like this is a very reasonable price.

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