Assuming Existing Tenants

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Recently inherited two tenants of a duplex I purchased. One has been there for 8yrs and the other 7 months. Both are in there 50s and both on month-to-month.

What to hear your method of how you would approach these tenants with new leases and rent increases ($10-20).

Forgot to add:
I live in a SFH located on the lot as well. My fiancé will be managing the duplex for us as she has the experience. Would it be a good or bad thing to introduce myself to the tenants? Pros and cons.

If you aren't managing, you are just another neighbor. Be as neighborly as you want!

Are you really concerned about a $10 rent increase in HI? Your next post said your fiance is managing, so you shouldn't be approaching your tenant about anything, she should. You didn't give any information about if the tenants are good, bad, or indifferent, which should guide your decision about how to handle them. She should simply let them know there is a new lease and go over it. If they do not want to sign it, then she gives the required notice that their month to month is terminated and they move out.

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