Need a property manager in Deland/Deltona area (Central FL)

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I look for property managers capable of taking care of 2-3 SFHs and condos in this area.  Please contact me directly on this site or reply to this post.

Still getting used to the protocol.  Is it considered ok to post such requests or share direct contact information in posts like this?  Hope the above is passable.

Thank you.


I use Courtney absolute realty 407-493-8329.  I live in northwest Florida and bought 3 REOs  in Deltona sight unseen she handled all the repairs and got them rented quick she gives discount for multiple properties she has done a great job you can tell her I recommend 

Cameron, big thanks for Courtney's information.  I spoke with her, she gave me great advice about my question and about this area in general.


I was looking for a management company in Deland as well. I called Courtney she was extremely helpful with the information. Thanks @Cameron Skinner will definitely go to with her if I end up buying the property in the area.

@Alejandro Saenz I hope it works out for you Courtney has been great for me I now have 5 in Deltona what do you have Deland?

I don't have any properties in Deland yet. I have 1 triplex in Des Moines, IA. But my wife and I just moved down here. I needed a property manager to help me analyze an 8 plex in Deland that we are looking to acquire. It looks like it's been super mismanaged and less than 20% of the tenants are current on their rent. I'm hoping I can buy it, fix it and stabilize the rents over the next year or so. Are you in Deltona for cashflow or appreciation? I'm not familiar with the area.

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