Seperate metering and utilities

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I'm looking into a duplex right now but there is a giant red flag with the utilities...

The tenants pay the gas but the landlord is responsible for water, sewer and electric.  They have added solar panels on the back of the roof to help but everything I've read has been to stay away from a property that doesn't have separate metering.  So I have 2 questions...

1.  Should I abandon this property just based on this fact alone? 

2.  If I stick it out and the numbers make sense, does anyone know how much it would cost for me to have this converted to separate metering?

I'm open to all stories and advice... The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Hmmm... how would you separately meter the master that the solar is attached to? Typically, the solar make your meter spin backwards and gives you (or someone) a credit towards future use.

I wouldn't run away. The rule of thumb doesn't apply when solar is involved.

Look into water conservation devices - there's some cool tech available these days.

Consider how you could market the green features of your rental.

Best to you.