Fined by animal services!

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I received a fine in the mail with the previous owner's name and  attention to my company's name on a rental property I own. The fines were for failure to get 2 dogs their shots and vaccinations, which the tenant still lives in the property.The fines were given before I purchased the property. Nothing came back to my knowledge on the title search. Now I am being hounded to pay these fines. Is this a legit situation or can I fight this?

Call animal control/city/past owner and have them pay for it. I think as long as you prove that you didn't own the house when the tenants were fined you should be good.

You said the tenant is still there, so collect the fines directly from the tenant and pay the fine. There should be something in your lease regarding their responsibility. I know mine must reimburse me for any fines or fees from the city (leaving garbage cans out, not mowing lawn, etc.) or HOA violations. Even if the fine comes in your name as the owner of the home, you can still bill the tenant if it is their violation.

Makes sense, thank you Shaun and Lynn

This is redicilous. 1 that the city can fine you on weather or not your pets have had their vaccanations (although as a dog owner I think they should) and 2 that the city is to lazy or incompetent to figure out who the owner of the pet is as opposed to just assuming the owner lives there.

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