Eviction Notices Hackensack, NJ (Bergen County)

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I'm trying to find out if anyone has been able to get a list of eviction notices for landlords in New Jersey, specifically Hackensack/Bergen county area... 

Is this something possible does the court sell this information? Does a title company provide this info?

I Would like to reach out the homeowner to see if they are looking to sell.

@Darren Sager i actually called the court house and I was told that I have to know the name of the landlord/tenant name or case # to get that information... Have you ever tried getting information from a county courthouse for evictions?

My thought process is this... if there are any attorneys on this forum it would be great to find out how you guys have letter sent out to people who are about to go to court for a matter. Whenever I received a speeding ticket or moving violation (in my younger years of course) I would receive a letter from a lawyers office providing their services. So how do they find out that information to market to people who can use their service? I am sure there is a way to get this info...