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I have a rental property. Can anyone make some suggestions on which type of flooring is best used in residential rental properties? I am looking for something durable, practical, and of course inexpensive to either install for the first time or replace. The house is about 1300 sq ft in a lower to middle income neighborhood. I want something I can put throughout the entire house.



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Commercial tile usually holds up pretty good. If the floors are a hard wood and painted I'd just put another coat of paint over them. Carpet usually doesn't last to long.

What is on the floors currently?


One big vote for either ceramic tile or Novalis vinyl plank flooring.

We put ceramic tile in most of our homes because it looks great, wears well and is so easy to clean. We seal the grout with Aquamix grout colorant (not their sealer) and it becomes the ultimate in easy care flooring. At $3.50/ sq. ft. installed it's not the least expensive option, but doesn't have to be done again.

Second vote would be for Novalis Vinyl Plank flooring. This is a peel and stick vinyl that looks like wood. It's cheap (about $1/sq. ft.), easy to do yourself and really looks good. Plus you can pop any damaged planks out and replace as needed.

for carpet, I use a berber carpet, cheaper and last longer, .55 per sq ft. at Menards or similiar

How well does berber clean as opposed to other types of carpet?

berber cleans just as good, I get a dark tan or a brown mixed with tan so it can hide stains that wont come out. I like berber because it doesn't show a "worn" out look like normal carpet. For example look at the carpets in hotel/motels They have to take a beating.

In low income rentals, if the wood floors are in good enough shape, I paint them with floor paint from Lowes (Valspar -Brownstone). It looks great and is easy to fix between tenants.

When painting is not an option, I have put in a BUNCH of cheap Berber carpet as Sanjiv said. The problem with Berber carpet is that tenants (or their cats) will snag it and they are too STUPID (the tenants, not the cats) to cut the snag with scissors (even if told in advance to do that). That snag will work it's way completely accross the room and ruins the carpet. I have recently switched to commercial carpet, but that isn't any better. The bottom line is that the idiot tenants can destroy any flooring you put in. They drop and drag heavy objects over ceramic and vinyl. They stain carpet. They do water damage to laminate. They're idiots!!! So, I paint every floor I can and put the CHEAPEST carpet in the rest.


Berber...snags....stains won't come out....doesn't hold up.

Install a good quality but discount price carpet. If there are wood floors, we "screen" the floors rather than sand them ..then poly them and they look brand new. Just recoat as needed when they look worn.

Painted floors..Just keep painting.

I'm with Connie except for bedrooms. I use cheap pile carpet in bedrooms and tile for most other applications. Tile seems to work better in Phoenix because the floors feel cooler during the summer.

I use two colors of carpet. One goes where the tile has more gold or brown and the other where the tile has more gray or taupe tones. I have been using the same carpet and paint colors for years. Easy paint touch up and carpet replacemen/hot patching that way.

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