Lease addendum/document outlining expectations

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I'm working on putting together a document that will outline expectations for tenants and cover any additional items that would not be covered in a standard state lease (TX). If anyone has suggested items to include or knows where I could find a form (for free) that already has this, please let me know. 

Hi Chelsea,  If you have properties in different jurisdictions you may want to check if a particular county has "county rules" and be sure an include them.   In DC, I am allowed to forego a 30 day notice requirement prior to eviction if the tenant has waived notice in the lease.  I also have a pet application and lease addendum that requires vet info, licensing info, and a picture of any pet that is going to occupy the premises.  If your lease is not clear about who pays for repairs you may want to add that too.  During my lease signings I go paragraph through paragraph through the lease and highlight that problems they cause, they fix.  Standard phrase --  "If plumber comes because toilet is stopped up and plumber pulls out tree roots, I pay for plumber.  If plumber pulls out rubber ducky or hygiene products you pay for plumber."   Hope that helps.  Teresa


trying to put together a document that will hold up in court is best to use an evection attorneys time

Once you have the lease drawn , have the tenant read into a video that he she understands this lease and the whole lease is your best defense, like a deposition

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There is a lot of good stuff here in the BP "fileplace" under the resources tab.

Also some things don't belong in a lease.  There is a reference in our lease to  agreeing to abide by local ordinances but also  property rules that may change from time to time. This is for those things that are not explicit in local ordinances but we discourage.  For example I would not put in a lease you are not to litter the ground with cigarette butts, shoot off bottle rockets, store stuff on common stairs,  park cars in certain areas, write harassing notes to neighbors,  these fall under quiet enjoyment and property upkeep but you need to spell it out for some people.  I always put this rules item in the lease and have a separate set of rules in the manual for the property so if they come up with something stupid I haven't thought of  I  can add it.   In principal these items are covered already by a more general lease clause. This keeps the lease to the more major things enforceable in court.

I also take pet pictures for the lease when we take pets.  For students we do include the noise ordinance and penalties in the lease. I recommend this if you have a local noise ordinance with fines. also if you have a grass cutting ordinance.