adding someone to lease

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What is the best way to add someone to a current lease?

 Hand write their name under the current tenant and have them sign the original lease or just do an addendum and have them sign that or should I do both?


Assuming you've completed a full background and financial check on the new tenant and they passed, I would draw up an Addendum to the current lease that states this person has been added. The other terms and dates of the original lease do not change. Everyone must sign the addendum to include original tenant(s), new tenant(s), and you.

Just like @Nicole W. said. I would assume you have some kind of provision in your lease agreement that states that all changes need to be made via addendum, right??? If you don't, you might consider that the next round of lease agreements you do. Either way, create the addendum binding the new tenant that's passed all your screening requirements to the original lease and have all parties sign. 

Another option is to create a new lease with both the original tenant and the new tenant's name. The lease would start from now and run the standard 12 months. That can be a great way to encourage a good renter to stay. 

But the easiest way would be an addendum. Do not alter the original lease, just add to. 

@Frank R., thank you so much for posting your Addendum in FilePlace! It came at just the right time for me. 

I see you've also posted lots of other docs. You're an angel! Muchas gracias!

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@Jimmy S.

I create a one page addendum and have the new sign off on it.  I just uploaded the document I use in the BP fileplace under letters....

Hope you see value in the doc.


 Yes thank you frank