Laundry room washing machine hot water

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I just realized today that I had the hot water heater for the laundry room washing machine off.


I was trouble shooting something and turned the breakers for the hot water heater off.  Now this is a small 20 gallon just for the washing machine.  I forgot to turn it back on.

None of the tenants have complained about the lack of hot water.  There are five people who wash their clothes there.  No one said a thing to me.

So they never noticed.

May be they only wash in cold cycles?

May be they don't care?

Does this mean I can just leave it off for good...or better yet, remove the HWH and free up some storage space?


Even when you do a cold water wash, some hot water is usually used. So, they are not getting as clean a wash with pure cold water. They probably didn't notice, but I would turn it back on so they have a fully functional machine. Doubt that you will pay much for the hot water.

@Sam Leon I know you're just joking....

You want 100% of your mechanics to work 100% of the time. A first class rental has hot water at the washing machine.

Guard against the slippery slope.

Every component of a rental has a marketing message. What do you want your message to be?