Eviction service in Houston, Texas

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Does anyone have experience with an eviction service in Houston / Conroe? We are going through an eviction on a house we own in Conroe. We already filed the suit and have a court date set, but are looking for someone to go to court for us. We live near San Antonio, and our PM can't attend court on the scheduled date due to prior obligations. The date has already been re-set once, so I don't think doing so again is an option. Just trying to find someone reputable to represent us so we don't have to make the 3+ hour drive down there. 

Andy, after personally trying one of the local major eviction services in Houston, my recommendation is to use an attorney with eviction experience instead.  I'm happy to provide a reference if you need one.  

@Tim LaBorde I'm curious to know which service you used. Knowing which ones to stay away from is just as important as knowing which ones to use. 

We're not opposed to using an attorney and would certainly welcome a recommendation for a good one. We just figured it would be cheaper to use an eviction service. I'd go to court myself if I lived there. If using an attorney would cost me more than the tank of gas and time to get there and back, then I'm not sure it would be worth it. 

Make the 3 hour drive. No one can represent you better than you. Since you are there, they have lots of museums to go to, Shopping at the Galleria and maybe Quest IRA has a class going on that night about SDIRAs. Maybe you could network with some people from here, BP, that you could have lunch or dinner with while you are in Houston. Then maybe they could go to court for you next time.

You could also check on the property and the area while you are there.