verifying income for student

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I have a potential tenant with 2 kids interested in my place and at first I wasn't interested and said most likely he wouldn't qualify, but he said his parents would have no problem being a co-signer/guarantor. He claims that his reference will give him good feedback and his parents have a great credit history and a clean background. His part time job isn't enough to cover the 3x rent rule, but he said he has school checks coming in each month that will help cover expenses and also coaches that helps bring in a little. He's been in school for a few years so he isn't a new student. I'm not sure if I should be counting the college checks that he has coming (assuming financial aid money). I'd have him verify all working income. He should be able to verify his college money coming in right? Thoughts? I'm pretty sure he would be a long term tenant if all works out.

He should be able to provide bank statements showing the income. Also, ask for 2014 tax returns. If he has been receiving this college checks it should be stated on there as well. I am generally ok with students if parents co-sign.... remember to follow fair housing guidelines as family status is protected--the kids are irrelevant when you are qualifying a prospect. If he doesn't meet the financial requirements and you aren't comfortable with a parent co-signer then move on....

Good Luck!