Problem Section 8 tenant is eviction the answer?

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Hi BP, I have been dealing with a problem section 8 tenant for my property in Los Angeles for the past 9 months or so. I finally sent him a 90 day notice and put my reasons in a letter along with the notice. Now that 90 days is up I received a notice from HACLA for RSO violation stating that my notice was not in accordance with the RSO. I sent  a detailed email to the inspector and she refused to accept that sating that her determination stays the same. On calling her she states that we need to give him an official letter and asked us to get help from an attorney/legal help in serving this letter. The tenant actually refused to accept the letter from USPS carrier hence we had to deliver it to him in person . 

I would like advise in this matter, would it be worthwhile to seek legal help and if so does anyone know an attorney or eviction company in Los Angeles who can help us with this issue? 


Absolutely follow their advice and obtain the services of a qualified attorney, experienced in landlord-tenant law for your jurisdiction. California law on this matter can be quite onerous and tends to favor tenants over landlords.

Also, review the contract you have with the Section 8 administrator, which is most likely your local Housing Authority, and follow their requirements. If this tenant has a case worker, get in touch with the case worker. Sometimes case workers will work with you to bring a tenant into compliance and save a tenancy, or guide you as to what to do if the tenant is indeed causing problems. It is in the best interest of the Section 8 Administrator to attract good landlords who are willing to accept Section 8 vouchers. If you partner with them and go for a win-win, you will be better off.

I don't have any experience with section 8 evictions but do with regular evictions.  from my experience with regular evictions, any error in the notice served can get your case thrown out.  I agree with @marcia maynard, hire an attorney experienced with section 8 evictions.  The expense of the attorney will probably save you time and money in the long run.