Do I need workers comp for my rental property

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I expect to be purchasing my first rental property in Florida in the next few months.   Will I need to get workers compensation insurance for it for whenever somebody does repairs at the property?   

What if the person who does repairs on it already has worker compensation insurance?  Should I get the insurance as well?  Also, will the cost of workers compensation insurance be cheaper if I only contractors that have their own insurance?


We have to carry it as an LLC if we have employees but not if we don't. If you hire businesses to do the work you should not have to carry it they should have it. The section of the IRS code on household employees may help you figure out when workmen's comp could be an issue.

Thank you.  If the person I hire for repairs tells me he has Workers compensation insurance, and then he gets injured on my property and I find out he does not, would I be liable for this injury?

Also, does having the property in an LLC limit liability to just that property for a workers compensation claim?


WC Insurance varies by state. So you would want to contact either an insurance agent or attorney that handles WC in the state of Florida to be 100% certain.

I would guess though that you would not have to carry WC to hire someone to come on to your property and do any kind of work. 

Now if this person was your employee then you would more than likely need WC Insurance for them.