Property Managers in BALTIMORE..HELP!

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Hi BP,

So I am coming up on a purchase in Baltimore and looking for quality Property Managers.  If you could drop a reference or a review on the property managers in the Baltimore, MD area, that would be great!  (if you have had a negative experience, please feel free to voice that as well.  I am trying to eliminate as many headaches as possible. :) Thank you in advance!


Greetings Nyala,

I have been using The Mount Washington Group LLC out in Pikesville, MD. The manager is Steve Klein at 443 802 3929. They found my current tenants, made repairs for Section 8 and handle the monthly utilities. Good luck,

Hello Nyala,

The best place to go to search for good property manager is the National Association of Residential Property Managers.

You are able to search for members in the local area and then look for members with designations like Residential Management Professional (RMP) or Master Property Manager (MPM). These are property managers that are cut above the rest, and the ones that can be trusted to provide quality service and care for your investment property.

Also another designation to look for if you can find it is a company that has there CRMC designation. There are only about 60 management companies that are Certified Residential Management Companies. (CRMC).

These are companies that have been audited by the National Association of Residential Property Managers and have demonstrated a high standard for both procedures and customer service.

Again, I believe the best way to find a good property manager is to seek a property manager out and has invested in advanced training and education and has attained designations, usually they also have years of experience.


@Nyala Eddings I wrote a blog post about Baltimore property managers.

I suspect property managers with the certifications @Kevin Knight are geared towards large portfolios or large multi family buildings. They may not be interested in handling only a few properties. I am not saying "don't look for them" I am saying "don't be discouraged if that is what you find out"

@Nyala Eddings

I am a longtime landlord of nearly 40 units in Baltimore City. With a small staff, I manage these successfully, and they are easily some of the more difficult properties/tenants in the city. Recently, I have been taking on properties for other landlords and remain open to a limited number of new clients. If you want to discuss what youre looking for specifically, send me a message.