How difficult is it to get a home HUD approved?

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We are thinking in the future of getting HUD approved, but not sure what the process is, how difficult it is or how long it takes.

Can anyone that has gone through the process give me some insight? Home is in Ohio. I did print out their inspection forms so I have an idea of what all they will check when doing the inspection so would make sure everything is as it should be. But curious how long and/or difficult the process may be?

Also do they send prospective renters to you or do you advertise like normal? If you get a tenant that has a voucher and would like to rent the place, but your home is not yet approved, can they move in while the home is going through the HUD approval process or do you have to wait to get that all done first? I imagine it would be wiser to wait, but just curious if they would accept an existing tenant? Like if you were willing to work with them until the HUD approval, etc., came through.

I'm still debating if I want to go the HUD route, so thought I'd find out as much as I can first.

I have Section 8 tenants, so I can tell you that the process for getting approval is not that burdensome. The house must meet minimum standards for health and safety, so if you walk through your property and ask yourself, "Is this property safe and free of health risks?" you should be OK. There are some little things they require, like door stops (so the door knob doesn't make holes in the wall) and no cracks in the flooring (tripping hazard) but they're easy to fix if the inspector points them out.

Your local HUD housing office will probably be able to fill your rental from its own wait list, but you can advertise on Craigslist for free as well.

I haven't had a single minute of trouble from a Section 8 tenant but I've heard others have. The rent check shows up on the 1st of the month without fail.


If you meet all the conditions on the inspection forms, it's a piece of cake. I have a bunch of Section 8 rentals and pass almost all of my inspections on the first try.

You must find your own tenants. If a Section 8 tenant applies, you simply fill out the paperwork and fax it to Section 8. They will usually process it very quickly and you should know in a few days whether they will accept your proposed rent or the maximum rent they will pay if that is lower.

If your proposed rent is accepted, you will get a scheduled inspection date, which is usually in the very near future (from a couple of days to a couple of weeks).

After you pass the inspection, you will get the Hap Contract in the mail in a few days and it's a done deal. I NEVER let a tenant move in until the paperwork is straight unless they sign a lease AND they pay the entire rent and deposit IN CASH AND they understand that the lease is not contingent on Section 8. In other words, if they are going to be Section 8 tenants, don't let them move in until all the paperwork is done.

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