tenant asking for discounted rent due 2 oven not working properly

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Great job, Shellhamers. Sounds like anyone would be well blessed to have you for landlords. Merry Christmas! As for the replacement, step it up a little, but not too much. If you know you'll replace the other appliances when the current renter leaves at the end of their lease, or future lease(s), then yes, upgrade to stainless. But if the other appliances all have lots of mileage left, then just replace in kind and maintain the appeal of a symbiotic matching kitchen.

Take care of the issue in an timely manner. Inform the tenants it is going to be dealt with. 

If he hasn't asked for a discount no need to worry. Then when he asks for a discount you say no.

I don't even know when you would consider giving  a tenant a discount? Maybe at lease renewal time give them a cheap month IF they pay on time every month AND have taken care of your property like you would have.

Brings back memories.

I was working on a rental (same tenant for 7 years, & we rarely raised the rent because she was such a good tenant). I questioned why her son was trying to cook something in a very tiny microwave & he advised us that the oven hadn't worked for a couple of years. We bought a new oven & gave them a larger microwave we had.

Two older ladies in another rental (been there 14 years) loved to bake etc. They finally complained that parts for their oven were no longer available. We were not aware that they were actually having it repaired at their expense. We bought them a new high end oven with convection & they cried.

Some tenants are just worth that little extra.

@Elizabeth Schellhammer,

You do not owe your tenant a discount because you addressed the issue immediately. Even if she owned her own brand new home she would encounter mechanical issues at times and would have to fix them herself. She is blessed to have a landlord like you who addresses the issue immediately. If she wants a discount, then she needs to go down the street to the discounted properties that are not as well maintained.

I'd go with a gift card and a Christmas card. Great job on the response time. I wish more landlords were that responsive to maintenance issues. Last time I rented I had a waterfall coming through my ceiling for 2 weeks before they moved me to a new apartment.  

I don't understand all the references to landlords not repairing their property in a timely manner!? I rented as a young adult (18-22 years old), and NEVER had an issue with maintenance requests being postponed. As a landlord, I signed a contract agreeing to provide a unit that was habitable, and maintain the unit as if I lived there. If they call and say something is broken, it gets repaired. When the stove goes out, I call Lowes and a new one is there the next day if needed. Same with any appliance provided, with the exception of on "beer fridge" (older fridge that came with the house I bought). The "beer fridge" was provided with the clause that when it broke, it would not be replaced, and I would handle the haul away.  It blows my mind that someone would invest thousands into a place, then let it begin a slide into ruin...