Marketing to Non-English speakers?

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How do you market and advertise rentals to non-english speakers? Would non-English speakers still go to a Craigslist or Padmapper or is there a Spanish, Chinese, etc.. version of Craigslist that they would go to instead?

I'm trying to help find my friend a place in LA  and downtown LA would have been too expensive so I figured something in LA's Chinatown would work- something close to downtown but not as expensive to live as downtown. 

But, its surprising to me that there aren't a lot of rentals available online for the Chinatown area beyond a couple of newer apartment buildings that are not targeted towards Asian renters. 

Is there some type of secondary, shadow market for rentals geared towards Chinese renters interested in Chinatown that wouldn't show up on Padmapper or Craigslist? Otherwise, how would you find those rentals?

Or, is there some other reason for the lack of rentals for Chinatown? 

@Josh L.

I do not know LA - let's get that clear up front.  

Where I have lived and owned property, rentals aimed toward an target ethnic/cultural tenant population - usually by other members of the same, or closely related, cultural group - are known through word of mouth.   If you are not part of the community, you likely will not hear about them.

There aren't anything online, most of the time. You will have to go to their actual place where slums will be, they usually have unpermitted rooms for rent. Doesn't matter where you are, but they usually tent 500-600/room. mostly at 600.