Section 8 too many visitors

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So I picked up my first property, its a 4plex in rougher neighborhood and used property management to find and screen tenants. I rented a 3 bd room apartment to a 2 bd room voucher holder at $900. My reasoning was 2 bd room voucher in section 8 would mean 4 people max on the lease and less wear and tear on the property as well as less noise in the 4 plex. The problem I've encountered is that my very first tenant has decided to take care of her 5 grand children Monday thru Friday from 5 am to whatever time the mother can pick them up. Along with the 5 children and the 4 lease holders we have other visitors throughout the day and even though it's been a week since everyone moved in, I've had 10-13 people in the apartment everyday. They assure me that no one is staying the night. Is there anything I can do to limit the visitors. Also I've considered telling the grandmother that she cannot use my property as a daycare. But would it qualify as a daycare if she's not receiving compensation?

Section 8 is not the issue. As the lease is already signed, you're stuck.  

My lease specifically states:

5) Use
The stated premises shall be used only as a family residence and no business activity whatsoever is allowed including babysitting – childcare and the lessee shall not permit said premises or any part thereof to be used for

  1. (a) the conduct of any offensive, noisy or dangerous activities that would increase the premiums for fire insurance on said premises;
  2. (b) the creation or maintenance of a public nuisance;
  3. (c) anything which is unlawful or in violation of any public authority at any time during the term of this lease; or
  4. (d) any purpose or manner which will obstruct, interfere with, or infringe upon the rights of adjacent properties.

Furthermore, no storage is allow other than that incidental to common residential use.
Garages are supplied for one operational automobile, not for repair or storage use.
Any secondary vehicles will be parked on the public street and at no time will vehicles be parked on the lawns nor left over night in the driveways.

thank you for your input, I know we can push for eviction if they continue to make too much noise, but currently its just me in the building and the troublesome tenant. As the landlord living on premises, can I qualify as a teanant. The reason I ask is because I want to know if I can file a cure or quit claim based on excessive noise. Last night until 10 pm I could hear the children running around and the same thing happened tonight, the mother drops the children off at 5 am and picks up around 9 or 10. It conflicts with sleeping schedules. 

Try asking her to leave and giving her a few hundred as an incentive.     Tell her your issues and that this isn't going to work out and that you are sorry.     Give her a little time and I'm guessing she will vacate on her own.

Perhaps the children's mother picked up an extra job during the holiday season. Grandma is the best, safest and cheapest sitter for the kids while their on school break. Single parent or not, even if they both work, someone has to watch the kids. I can't see it as a terrible thing from what you wrote. Family helping out family. If the rent wasn't being paid, you smell marijuana or hookers / druggies were camped out in the hall that would be terrible. If you're on the ground floor you're going to hear every time someone goes from one room to the next. Unless you wrote 'tip toe only' in the lease, [shrugging] these are the breaks. Is it really so terrible her friends and relatives are visiting during the holidays and to see her new place? If it continues after the holidays then you may need to speak to her but right now its quite scrooge-like of you. Move to another apartment (if, when its available) otherwise its always going to be sounds and annoying movement overhead. My coin.