Not Renewing Lease in Illinois

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Hi BPers!

I have a property in unincorporated Cook County (Chicago address) and I wish to NOT-renew a lease with a tenant which is expiring April 30th.  1. For Illinois/Cook County, do I have to provide a reason why I won't renew. 2. How much notice must I give? 3. Do I have to follow Chicago RLTO since it's a Chicago address or Cook County/Illinois since it's unincorporated.



You don't have to give a reason.  Tell them you're moving in there or something if they want to know.  What does your lease say?  Typically its 30 days.  I have a 60 day notice written in mine.  I don't know if that would be valid in Chicago's tenant bible (Chicago RTLO).  Then, I don't even know if the RTLO is valid in your area.  Let us know when you find out. 

Illinois landlord/tenant laws do not require notice of termination. If you are under the Chicago ordinance, they require 30 day's notice. Honestly, I believe it is good business practice to let your tenants know that you will not be renewing the lease. You do not have to supply a reason. The legal contract has been fulfilled. 

Here is a link that will give you more information: