I am new to the renting side of real estate

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Hey Bigger Pockets family, my name's Chuck, I have often come to you with questions and/or advice, and I have never been disappointed.

What I'd like to ask is about buying rental properties......I have the opportunity to buy 3 homes (in pittsburgh; Beechview & Knoxville to be exact)......All of the properties are currently being rented out at $750, $1200 & $1350 a month respectively. 

What I would like is advise, guidance, and/or a partner to work with me when it comes to properly analyzing and completing a rental deal. 

Please feel free to reach out to me at YMRealtyInc at gmail.com

P.S. I would like to have these properties under contract within the next 2 weeks. 

P.P.S. I have viewed each of the 3 properties personally, and besides minor cosmetic work, these are all sound properties. 

P.P.P.S. Because of bigger pocket rules, I am not allowed to put the @ in my email address. 

Hey Charles! Welcome to BP! This place is chocked full of information and great people to help with your business. Check out their podcasts if you have time. If you need help buying or selling in the Pittsburgh area, I'm a Realtor and can assist with that. We make our own luck!


Hey Matt, I thank you very much for reaching out to me. 

I am looking to buy in pittsburgh, but I'm not sure how much help we would be to each other.......unless you have some homes that have been on the market awhile and the home owners are desperate to sell. 

In normal circumstances, I tend to shy away from dealing with realtors unless I am buying a foreclosed property.


I actually own a triplex in Beechview, so I'd be more than happy to help you analyze your listed properties. Reach out to me if interested in discussing.

Devin Woods

Have you run the numbers through the BP Rental calculator yet?  Obviously, rents are just one part of the picture.  

Now that we've done it for awhile, my hubby/partner and I go through each with a fine-tooth comb before even calling in an inspector.

@Victorjernigan I wish I didn't have to work tonight.......I would be there to speak with you personally. 

However, in the meantime, I would like to talk with you whether it be via email or over the telephone. 

Do you have any free time within the nxt hr to speak?

Also @Wendyblack I have not used the rental calculator before, I honestly wasn't even aware that BiggerPockets had one. I will check it out now, thanks.