Vinyl or Laminate?

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Hi, I'm a newbie landlord and funds are getting tight right now.  I need to make ready a rental asap.  I need to replace floors throughout - 1,000 sq ft.  We haven't yet torn up the existing flooring to see what's under it - there's a chance the original hardwoods are still salvageable (1940's house) but not counting on it.  Even if they were, would that be the best and cheapest option for a rental?

For new flooring, we're looking at 'wood plank' in appearance.  I've been told the vinyl float click plank is worth the extra $ since it will last much longer than laminate click plank.  I'm tempted to get the cheaper laminate but have heard that it does not hold up to liquid spills well and is not easy to repair.

Any thoughts or advice?


Lots of discussion on BP about the best flooring for a rental. Of course it depends on what kind of market your property is in. I've used the Allure Vinyl Plank and it is very durable. It looks like hardwood and is waterproof. If a section gets dinged up, you can replace that section without having to replace the entire floor. If you can afford the higher up front cost, you should make up for that cost with a longer lasting and better looking product. I think it's like $1.80 for the allure vinyl plank flooring that clicks together at Home Depot

I hate going to the restore for stuff.  They have a bunch of over priced crap.  Some people get lucky sometimes.   The only time I go with laminate is if the sub floor isn't perfect.  I don't think I ever buy it cheaper than .99, that cheaper stuff breaks apart too easy.  You would be crazy not to use allure.  I use that on everything! The extra money you spend on that saves you time on installation and remember time is money.  Like Darren said if a piece goes back you can swap it out.  

If the old floor is salvageable, that is the way to go. A bad tenant can ruin concrete. Wood floors if done right will last decades and add value and appeal.