Pumpkin Plan

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Just finishing up 'Pumpkin Plan' by Mike Michalowicz.  Enjoyed it and was able to pull some good things from it...curious ways that others may have implemented some of his suggestions into landlording, buy and hold...

For me -

-reward good clients (tenants) by being extra prompt with customer service/maintenance issues, small tokens of appreciation such as gas card, etc. for consistent, on time rent payment (say for 1 yr of prompt payment).

-Fire bad clients (not renewing problem leases)

-Talking to tenants & listening; i.e. biggest complaint we hear from others who look at our places are 'our landlord never fixes anything.'  Which I'm sure is not unique, but the fix is having lines of communication established up front for how to report maintenance issues, what is emergencies, having water lines/cut-offs clearly marked for tenants, etc.



@Cordell M. I know this is an old post, but I am currently in the middle of the Pumpkin Plan and picked it up based on your above post.  So far I love it!  I'm actually looking at it mostly through the eye of my consulting business...and how to grow that.  So far all I can keep thinking is that my clients that I work with need to read this book...they certainly fall into the trap of "sell to anyone" and "any client is a good client" they are a CBD skin care company and have spread themselves super thin between Ecomm sales, wholesale customers, and then within wholesale they have umpteen clients from Ulta all the way down to a local face mask bar.  

Really loving the focus and discipline it provides and I'm really looking forward to trying to implement the pumpkin plan not only in my business but in my client's businesses as well.