Section 8 Lease Length Question

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We have all of our leases lined up so they end in June or July but we just had a tenant break her lease early and will be leaving at the end of January.

We want to keep this property on a June / July lease end schedule so we are looking to write a new lease of either 5 or 17 months. 

We have received an abundance calls from potential section 8 tenants on this one but I can't seem to get an answer (call back) from the housing authority if they are willing to write a 5 or 17 month initial lease.

From what I've seen on various websites the PHA's seem to want to do just 1 year lease initially.

Does anyone have experience with this?


They will do only 1 year lease initially then next year you can sign a 5month lease to bring it back to summer.

I'd rather not run the risk of having this house vacant again during the holidays next year by offering a 12 month lease now. 

I'll probably write a 5/6 month lease now with a tenant that seems like they might want to renew at the end of this period to keep the house on the best rental schedule. That may preclude people with vouchers for the time being but it should be OK for anyone whenever the house comes back on the market in the June/July time frame in the future.