Good book on buying rental property??

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I recommend the complete guide to rental properties by Stephen Berges. He is a honest kind of guy and doesn't make it sound like its super super easy because its not. It takes serious work.

Look into Leigh Robinson's Landlording, and
Jeffrey Taylor's Survival Guide, and
Mike Butler's Landlording on Autpilot.
Check amazon and your local library.

I will save you some coin. Buy something so ridiculously cheap and so far below market value that you cant get hurt. make sure it will pass a section 8 inspection, and enjoy the big cash flow. any other questions, just ask here. It really is just about that easy! :D

The 1st book I read on Real Estate that helped me was Robert Kiyosaki's ABC's of Real Estate Investing. I actually read it twice and wrote a 25 page summary on it so it would help me understand the subjects. If you would like for me to send you the summary I wrote just contact me.