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Go to the web site for the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) and search their directory. CLICK HERE These are professionals that voluntarily hold themselves to a higher standard. I searched for Sacramento and came up with about 60 different managers so that should give you a good start. 

Many of them will post their rates on their web site or share it with you via phone or email. But I often warn people not to judge solely on rates and to be careful about hidden fees. I happen to be the most expensive property manager in my area but I also provide more services and better services than the competition. I also make my owners more money, even after paying my higher fees. Just look at the whole package and do not be afraid to ask them questions, review their forms, ask about their policies and what-if them to death. 

Originally posted by @Matt Smith :

I would like to know approximately what is the % for a management company in the Sacramento area for a single family home to manage vs. a fourplex. Thank you

 It depends on what type of property it is. I have seen roughly right around eight percent. I am a Sacramento property manager and are structure changes on rental amount the higher the rent the less of a percentage.