Section 8 nightmare turn good

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I recently had a Sec 8 tenant move out. He is a single father of 4 and I actually liked the guy and respected him. He was suppose to move out on 12/31. So I went over to the house at around 8 pm to make sure he was leaving and they were moving stuff out at that time. I told him that I would give him New Years day to finish up and to call me for the final walk through.

I went over New Years day and he was no where around. I went into the house and it was a mess. Trash laying every where and now that every thing was out of the house I could see that the kids drew all over the walls. The youngest boy bedroom smelled of urine, appearently he wet the bed so bad that it soaked into my carpet and hardwood floor. The older girls glued posters to the walls. They broke my storm door. The whole house had to be scrubbed and then repainted and he still had stuff in the basement and the garage.

So I went to work on the 2nd and while I was working he showed up. He asked what I was doing and we went at it at that point. He claimed that he was coming back to clean everything that day. After damn near coming to blows, I told him to get the rest of his stuff out of my house and garage and get off the property. He showed up later that night with his worthless kids and grabbed the rest of there stuff.

So not thinking I would get anything in return other then his security deposit, I sent his case worker and her manager an email describing everything that took place and listed all the damage. To my surprise, his case worker called me and insisted that I provide her with a figure on the amount of damages. When I told her roughly $800 dollars, she insisted that it could not be that low. So I told her that I would send her an itemized list of damages.

She said that he had to come in on Monday and they were going to make him put down a deposit and setup a payment plan so he could make monthly payments to me for the damages. She also stated that if he doesn't pay he will loose his section 8 and if I failed to tell them when he missing a payment, I would be barred from any further Section 8 contracts.

I'm not sure how this is going to play out, but I was very surprised that section 8 didn't even want proof of damages or reciepts. I do have a good relationship with them, but I wonder how many landlords actually take advantage of this policy.

That is not a universal policy. Most section 8 programs would just "note it in the deadbeat tenant's file" and leave it to you to collect.

According to their policy.. The tenant must leave in good standing or they will loose their section 8 voucher.

My last rent-subsidized tenant (something similar to Section 8 but local) only went as high as 1.5 times the monthly rent for damages.

Good for you and your Section 8 people, Tom.

Just an update on this. Section 8 made him sign a contract stating that he would make $150 a month payments to me until paid in full. I expected him to go straight to Legal Aid, but so far it appears that he is going to live up to it.

Now these are stories I like to hear. It seems that we only hear of the horror stories never any of the positive. I try to make an appearance at my building ( a 10 unit mixed use) at least 1 a week. Any time I see one of my Tenants I usually receive a kind thank you for all that we do in keeping up with the building and the needs. But I have had some really ignorant tenants. They came with the building and needless to say none of them reside there any longer. From my experience I do believe it takes a good 12-15 months to clean out a tenant building and get it on the right track. This is different for single families of course. I can't say enough about the Credit Report and the due diligence prior to renting.

I hear ya Debbie, but when you are deal with Sec 8 tenants, running credit is pointless, most of them can't even get a checking account. Honestly, this was a good responsible guy. He often just made promises he could never keep. He would have came in and clean the place, but when he finally got around to it and that's not how it works. Besides, this place needed much more then just a good cleaning.

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