Tenant rental history how to check there background

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My name is Marjorie I would like to know to how check for evictions and tenant history without violating the law? I work for a property mangement company and want to know OF good software to I could use to find good prospects HELP.....

Trans union and experian offer low cost screening but with any report you must have the tenants permission . It is also prudent to check past landlord references and pay stubs 

Hi Marjorie,

I've always used myrental.com, they offer a variety of screening reports. They allow the option to grab a single report and bundle a bunch of reports together.

This is what you're looking for: eviction history report

That includes:

  • Tenant Social Security number alert – Notifies you of potential issues with an applicant’s SSN
  • Tenant inquiries – Indicates if the applicant has applied for housing within our national network
  • Eviction court records on file including:
    • Tenant judgment for possession and money
    • Unlawful detainers
    • Tenant judgments for rent
    • Failure to pay rent
    • Writs and warrants of eviction

I hope that helps. Enjoy your day.

Try looking in their car as a lot of people would suggest-- if they don't keep their car clean there is a good chance they won't keep your unit clean

Also.. You would be very surprised how much information people blurt out to Facebook, you can tell a lot about a person about how they act on social media. 

Hope this helps at least some! 

I've used entalutions.com before and I like it. I can see their full credit report not just the score without being required to do an office inspection that most tenant screening companies require. and make you pay annually.

It's great for small landlord like me who don't s even have an "office" other then my home one.

The problem with it, is that it requires the applicant to have an email address and do an application online. Some of my tenants were not able to do the applications online. So I had to walk them through it. But it's what I use.