How to prepare for an eviction hearing

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How can I best prepare for an eviction hearing? What documentation is needed to make my case?

I understand the process at the hearing and the speed that it is completed is dependent on the judge, but what can I do to prepare to make it go as smoothly as possible. Any tips?

If you haven't been to an eviction hearing before, why not go and watch? Court hearings are open to the public, so take your popcorn (kidding) and go see the show!

When you go for the eviction, be sure to take everything related to the tenant and the eviction. In other words, take the lease, any notices you presented to the tenant, any evidence you have, etc. I keep all that in the tenant's file, so it's as simple as grabbing the tenant's file and taking that with me.

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Definitely go watch.

Magistrates differ in how they handle cases. Over in the next county the magistrate makes evicting LLs present their whole case EVEN WHEN THE EVICTEE IS A NO SHOW.

When I appear I pull out a thick folder stuffed with papers making it look like I'm loaded for bear and prepared for anything.

Also, make sure your cell phone is off, here in this county the sheriff will confiscate offending phones.

I've been to court where the other side's father actually hired an attorney. Stay cool and don't let the attorney's bombast and bluster throw you (they only do it to look like they're earning their money).

And lastly, no matter how nervous you are beforehand, do NOT drink an entire pot of coffee like I once did.

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