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I am near closing on a five unit property in Spokane Washington. I don't currently have any properties in that area and these will be my first properties that I will have managed. Can anyone recommend a good property manager / company in Spokane, WA?

Congrats Nathan. Can you share details on how you found the property and what the cashflow and other ratios are? There is a property management firm called onerent - startup from bay area. They recently started service in Seattle region, you could check with them if they would cover spokane as well. They charge only 5% compared to 10% charged by most managers

I interviewed, but have not used, Dezda Finn for property management. I was impressed and she seemed very proficient.

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Be sure to read your contracts very carefully. This property manager charged a 'non-refundable fee' of $500 for setting me up in the system, and when I didn't close on the purchase of the rental property, refused to return the lease-up fee. Amazing.

Congrats on the new property! Obviously, I am a little biased but we offer property management services at 4 Degrees Real Estate for properties in Spokane County. If nothing else, we would love to sit down and answer any questions for you. We have more info at our website at www.4degreesmanagement.com. Another good one in the area is Madison Properties. Thanks.

I would also stay away from Madison!

And I'll put in a plug to talk with 4 Degrees and @Jordan Tampien.    

I haven't worked them yet on property management, but I've talked with Jordan's brother, Joel, a partner in the business and a realtor.  Joel was really great.  Very easy to talk to and more than happy to answer questions (even the dumb ones).  After acquiring my next property I'll definitely be talking to them more about property management.

@Nathan Erdmann sorry to bring up an old post, just curious if this deal went through, and if you wouldn't mind posting some details. I am always interested in learning the creative ways that people have done their financing. Did you just go conventional with 20% down, or did you find a different way? Also how did finding a PM go? Did you end up using 4 degrees? Hope to hear from you, thanks, Shawn.

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