Help, Help! I'm talkin' 'bout help!

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Too busy to do it all. Not busy enough to hire a full time office person. What is a guy to do?

What have you guys done for help with Quickbooks and banking and scanning and paperwork, and lions and tigers and bears (oh my). 

Fractional help? (Some online pay by the hour option). 

Find a stay at home mom type scenario? 

Curious at to how you handle it when you have more to do than you can handle. 


Just a thought. Have you checked on places like Fiverr for QuickBooks solutions? Not sure I would give out my banking info though, but perhaps there are other tasks that you'll need done. Perhaps paying a local bookkeeper or CPA. Lastly, I'm sure there are some reputable Virtual Assistants out there that perhaps have some knowledge of investing.

I hear you!  If you don't yet have them, set up "systems" for everything that you do.  This has helped me immensely.  There is a certain day of the month that you pay bills, a different day for a marketing, another day for X, etc...  And follow your system.     2nd - have you checked out Virtual Assistants?  You may need to review a few before you find the right one, but when you get the right one, it will be worth it.  Hope it helps! Good luck :) 

I have thought about some virtual stuff but haven't really looked at any. I just went to Upwork and started reading. 

As for systems, I am a systems guy and have many. I have processes written for payroll and a half dozen other regular tasks. I don't have them all perfected yet but that could be a part of the process of getting virtual help. First perfect the process and then hand that off and work on the next one.