Question on listing a unit still occupied

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I have a tenant moving out next month.  I'd like to list this unit as soon as possible. The only pictures I have of this unit is when I went through on inspection. It obviously has all of her belongings in the photos, couch, beds etc.  Normally I wouldn't hesitate to put those pictures in my online listing ads, but this particular tenant is a bit of a "hornet" about almost everything in her life.

And of course, me being the strict landlord and laying down the new law of the land, I've hit her hornet nest a few times.  :)   Anyway... Just checking if anyone has ever had someone get all crazy for posting pics in their ads with their tenants furniture in the apartment?  I've tried searching for anything legal that could bite me and couldn't find anything.  But thought I'd ask the more seasoned landlord's what their thoughts, experience on the topic are.   The apartment is decorated very nicely and I'd love to be able to just use those pics.  I'm just imagining her looking online in search of her new apartment and seeing "her" apartment online and going all "hornet" on me. 


What does the lease say? As long as there isn't anything personal in the photos I don't see an issue. I try to avoid valuables/personal items when I take my pictures. Sounds like this lady has been a gem. 

Tell her you are listing the place and that you need to take pictures. Arrange a time and let her decide how she wants to prepare the unit and what she wants in the pictures. She will likely object but tell her you have the right to do it.

You have a job to do and she is soon to be your ex tenant so just do what ever you need to do.  

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Our lease includes a section about access by landlord, per usual, but also during the last month for marketing the property to new tenants.  If you use outside agencies, be sure they are advised in writing to secure their valuables, or the accusations of theft can fly.  It also includes wording that refusal to allow showings or access during normal business hours is subject to a fee.

Thanks for the replies!  None of the pics I have show any "personal" items, just furniture in the room etc.  Thanks for the advice. 

She's one of those people that is used to bullying people and getting her way.  I have made it clear that this is a business, I run it fair and consistent with all the tenants. She doesn't like not getting her way. So she has decided to move because of how "mean" I am to her. You know making her pay late fees is so unfair...

Now I can actually bump up this units rent all the way up to market instead of the incremental steps!

Again, thanks for your thoughts on the matter.