Best Websites to Find Rental Properties?

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I am looking for websites that show potential SFH to Multi Family Homes to buy as investment properties where there are already tenants in place. Does or zillow show these types of investment properties?


Zillow is a great tool to see what potential investments are on the market. Unless stated in the description I have yet to see Zillow specifically post if it is tenant occupied. I would suggest finding a real estate agent in your area that understands your search criteria and is willing to find out the info you need on potential listings.

Although, one could argue that you would be better off buying a property without current tenants because often when your inherit tenants they may not meet the same requirements that would would require for a new tenant.

I don't know if it's market specific, but in my market zillow, realtor, and trulia almost always tell you if unit-s are rented. Usually give you specific detail e.g. how long tenants been there.

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Realtors are basically like used car salesman. They will only give you details like that if they feel it is useful towards whatever goal they have in mind.