Student renters questions

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I have several students interested to rent. Their questions are:

1" In regards to prohibited flammable materials, propane grill is ok ? What about household chemicals which are considered toxic or flammable , will these be considered a breach of lease?

2. Do they each need a renter's policy or can they get a renters policy as a group?

Any thoughts Landlords? 


@Jem J.

A propane grill / BBQ should be fine provided it is outside and a safe distance from any combustibles (overhead as well as adjacent).   Household cleaning products should also be fine.   We draw the line on storing liquids such as {lamp} alcohol, kerosene or gasoline in the living space {if there is a garage and the liquids are properly stored in approved containers, that is fine}.

If you are signing a single lease with the group of tenants you can require they furnish you with have proof of renters insurance and that you are a named insured on the policy ... you can also require their consent for you to contact the insurance provided to verify coverage.

Let them work out whether they purchase individual policies or a collective policy - there's a good chance they will not be able to purchase a collective policy - or that it would be cost effective. 

If you are renting individual rooms, then each should have their own renters insurance.

I'd make them all carry individual policies.  One or two will probably end up moving out, new ones will move in, etc., and which tenant will be responsible to make sure the policy is current will be tough to keep track of.  It will only cost each of them around $15/month.  And mommy and daddy will probably be the ones paying for it anyway.

Be sure and tell them no grill on a balcony or under the roof and not on a covered patio.  Be sure and put the rules in writing in an addendum they sign.

Lord help you if they're undergrads :-)

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