Seeking an apt rental/room near San Francisco State University

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Hello!  I am not sure if I'm allowed to post a "seeking" ad, so if I get deleted - my apologies Forum Police!  LOL!  I am looking to rent a room or an apt near San Francisco State University starting August 1st.  My daughter has been accepted there for her Master's in Physics. We thought we had a good possibility, but I believe it's a scam. I'm a bit leary about Craig's List ads.  Looking for a legitimate property owner or a property manager that works that area. Thank you!

Hi Connie - I had the same experience here when trying to find a room here to rent and was scammed by 5 people claiming they owned the property. I'm not a legitimate property owner or manager, but I can help you out by checking out any places here for your daughter to make sure they're legitimate. 

Thank you, Greg!   What are some good suburbs that are near SFSU? (Not Univ. of SF).  Daly City ok? That seems to be a bit cheaper.  She will not have a car... the darn thing won't make the drive out there.  So she'll need to be close to public transportation.  Her goal is to be out there 8/1 so we have time.  Thanks again

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Hi Connie,

Daly City is home to a lot of SFSU students. It will definitely be cheaper, but there is no rent control protection like there is in SF. Your daughter will probably face an annual rent raise there. In San Francisco proper, the Outer Sunset and Parkside neighborhoods will be most affordable for the proximity and she will probably find multiple rooms available for rent in apartments with other students. Park Merced Apartments are very close to campus, but the condition and prices are pretty scary for the most part. Colma is another city nearby that could work (just south of Daly City) and she could BART to a stop close enough to ride Muni the rest of the way, bike, walk, etc. 

Hope that helps!

Thank you Jake!  Yes it does help.  Referrals are gold, and I was wondering if you knew of a property mgt co that specializes in room rentals, or someone we can work with long distance to find a nice room in Daly City.  We have some time as she does need to be there until August 1st, but it would be nice to be in touch with someone who will have eyes/ears open for any good possibilities.  There's a bunch of stuff online, but after getting scammed by a gal today - this mom is a bit nervous.  Thanks for any help you can give.  Connie

Hey Connie,

I don't actually know a property manager that specifies in room rentals, but I have one really good property manager I recommend to everyone who is on top of everything and very ethical. I'll send you a private message. I'm not totally sure she'll be able to help you find a room for your daughter, but if not, she'll know where to suggest looking! 

@Connie Herzog I'm going to send you a message.  I just checked and the place I used to manage has a studio for rent.  She can walk to the Caltrain station.  I know the manager.  Great place and if you can afford it she can have her own small studio.  It's a bit of a commute - it's in Santa Clara, but it's a very safe area and a great old building, quiet, well-maintained, nice manager, and everything she'd need is in walking distance.