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@Brent Kostner - the service I use does not require the tenant to have an email account.  I order the reports myself, the tenant doesn't' have to do anything.  I'm using Rentec Direct for the service.  They are located in Oregon also, but their service is all done online.

I use Cozy for all of my tenant screening. Their payment process is so easy to use. It allows each individual tenant to pay their portion of the rents with their debit cards and then transfers the funds directly to your account. It's an extremely smooth process. With the screening, I simply have my prospective tenants log in and create an account, then click on my property and then have them apply for it. They pay the application fee and enter all of the information. I then get the report of what it found.

Hope this helps!

Chris Parrish

RE Broker/Investor

@Chris Parrish - i just hated having to make the tenants login and create accounts.  Half of my tenants can barely figure out how to use email, yet alone figure out a system that goes about verifying their identity and such.  Sometimes this process can take a tenant days.  I want my reports this second so I can make a decision this second, not a couple days later.  I much prefer just doing it for them and cozy doesn't allow that. 

@Jason Hartley those are some good points! All of my tenants I have worked with have been pretty tech savvy and has yet to be a problem for me. However, I'm sure if I found a tenant I loved that was terrible with the tech world, I would do the application for them!

I just love the idea of not having to do all of the inserting of information myself. Having the tenants do the application also seems to screen out the people who aren't very serious about moving in.

Take care!

@Jason Hartley , it looks like you can a full report (criminal, credit, and evictions, plus some others) with rentec direct for $15. Is that correct?

It also appears that I would enter the information, is that correct?

For the record, I'd prefer to enter the information because some people just are technology averse. And $15 is a great price for all that. Just want to verify that's the case, because if so, it looks just about perfect for what I want.

Hi Dustin,

The $15 sounds like their client pricing they offer to users of the software.  That's the price I get, but I have 75 units in their system with their Pro software.


Just looked, according to their website, the $15 pricing is for Rentec Pro and PM members with 50+ units.  They basically discount the regular pricing in half it looks like if you also use their software.  But 29.45 is s still a very competitive price for credit, criminal, and eviction if you don't use their software.  If you aren't using their software, the regular pricing is here:


Not as awesome as I thought, but still looks like what I need with par prices. Thanks for the quick response.

In addition to using numbers you look up yourself for employers it's also good for former landlords. Most property owners are on Facebook or LinkedIn. If not there I've always found a listed landlines number. The tax assessor or county recorder are places to look up who the owners are. Avoided a number of bad tenants this way. Tenants know most landlords contact tenant provided numbers.