New Color Scheme for Rentals Working Well!

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Just wanted to share a color scheme that seems to be working well for my rental units. We used a bit of a darker color here which seems to hide the wall imperfections a bit more. Overall, the applicants are really loving it and its pretty much rented out before completed..

Pumpkin, pumpkin what a happy pumpkin and do you know why? Because he's a jack-o-lantern instead of being a pumpkin pie! (I sing this to my little son every time I see a pumpkin or pumpkin color). :)

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My fear with the dark color is that it will make the rooms seem smaller.
And may not go well with some of the medium/dark trim.

But I'm guessing it will hide dirt really well so that might offset that some.

I'll say this much. I'm a little sick of my tan. I have a couple of friends (married couple investors) that have gone with a gray and that looks pretty sharp too. 

I think the pics look sharp though. Seem to pop. And it sounds like its helping you fill the units much faster now. So it must be working.  Nice call.

I just started putting in Behr Silver Drop in my units and love it!  Was going to go Agreeable Gray but it's easier to grab 5 gallons at Home Depot.  I'll be going neutral gray on all of my units from here out.

Definitely a little dark for my taste, but if you're getting them rented ASAP, clearly it works for the people that matter!

Ha. I think yours is a dark brown and not really a tan. But thats interesting that everyone paints white. Thats the worst. You can never touch up white. It fades too much. With a color, your chances are that you can get away with a touchup.

I actually like my tan. I'm just sick of it. :-)

Here's a before and after - thats really where you can tell the impact:



the pumpkin was awful.  just awful.  and on my little phone screen I can see wall imperfections.  are you sure that they rented it because it was priced right and not because they are color blind? 

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I'll be honest I don't like the color, but if it works then my opinion doesn't really matter!!!! I like the lighter colors that make rooms look larger and brighter.

If your tenants like the colors, then that's the color you should be using.

People have weird tastes (and sometimes no taste :p), that's why A/B testing works, and you clearly found something your renters like. Proof that our own likes/tastes aren't always what the market will want. That's why we test things. Smart work man!

Builder beige my building brothers, how's that or a tongue twister. For any Canadians, Rona sells 20 letres of recycled paint for maybe 80 dollars if that. Careful when you wash the walls because the paint will come of with it! 

For all the negative Nancy's out there let us turn that frown upside down. A wise man once said opinions are like your rear end, everyone has one. :o 

Being colorblind puts met somewhat at a disadvantage but I can sure tell where someone missed a spot before the rest of you. I have a great painter that guides me through the painting process.

I'm glad it works for you.  I also don't like it and wouldn't rent a place a color I don't like.  I think that's why a lighter, more neutral color is best, because it rarely offends.

But, at the right price, you can rent out anything.

much appreciated for all the good/bad feedback. Love the off whites and grays as well.

The kicker here is I have yet to even go physically see the apartment. My team simply updated it as they felt needed. It is a bit on the dark side, but they took care of it and got it rented. So pumpkin or not, I can't complain!

@Rafael Norat although it is true that darker colors hide imperfections, the first thing I noticed in picture one was how horrible the wall imperfections were. The wall in the first photo really needs repair. Another thing to consider is that duller paint finishes help hide imperfections too. Flat paint would be better for that. As far as the pumpkin color, I don't like it at all. Not trying to offend you, but you really want to hear honest opinions when it comes to that.