Tenant safety

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I recently received a phone call from a tenant who had neighbors trespass on our property and set off fireworks on our porch and in our yard. The police told my tenant that I would have to press charges but when I contacted the police they informed me the people did not break the law. I am looking for suggestions on what I can do to protect the safety of my tenants. I have not had an experience with the police like this one before. We were led to believe protecting our property and our tenants is the sole responsibility of us. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

I thought it would be the tenants responsibility as well but the officer who responded disagreed.  The tenants were menaced and physical harm was threatened to the point where I am considering installing a camera and security system.  The officer I spoke with said it was an isolated incident of drunken people acting like idiots.  He said my house was not a specific target.  I am contacting my lawyer today to see what rights we have but for right now I am told to just adopt a wait and see attitude by the police.  That seems to be a poor plan in my mind.  Thank you for the reply. I will keep you posted.

@Lawrence Fiero , it is important to remember that, although mostly made up of hard working individuals, police are NOT attorneys...but often try to play one on the scene as a way to calm the situation.

Contact your attorney and proceed as needed.  They trespassed on your property and placed your home in harms way by lighting off fireworks.  Best you will get is a TRO in most cases, but it puts the neighbors on notice.

I also think it would be up to the tenant to press charges, nothing actually happened to you. And I also would think there must be a law about setting off fireworks on the neighbor's porch?! That should be some sort of trespassing. It could be such that you need either a fence and/or a "no trespassing" sign to make that illegal, but that seems ridiculous.

As stupid as it sounds, police have the discretion of whether to press charges or even take a report, if they don't want to, they won't, and you can't make them, even if somebody broke the law. You can sue them later but you'll never get that police report or charges. And yeah, police often don't know they laws they're supposed to enforce.