Fair housing - legal to rent only to a certain profession?

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Specific question regarding fair housing. Let's say I work as a doctor in a local hospital and I decide to start investing in real estate. I purchase a duplex that is near my hospital with the idea that it would be perfect for someone who also works at that hospital. Can I market and rent only to people that work at the hospital? Can I make "working at the hospital" a requirement for renting my property?

Thanks. Aren't there places, near universities for example, which will only rent to students? Isn't this the same thing? I didn't think that profession or employer were protected classes.

Protected classes are race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, and familial status. So how does only renting to doctors or only renting to employees of the hospital fall into one of these classes?

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By specifying you are excluding a single mother that does not work at the hospital. It's a stretch but the housing gestapo like to create discrimination where ever they can.

You can not specify in your add but you do have the power to choose whomever you wish from those that apply. In order to not discriminate you simply never tell applicants why they were rejected. Discrimination is common where individuals, landlords, select whom they prefer to occupy their property. If we all followed all the rules we would all be renting to single mothers on welfare with emotional support dogs.

I would post an ad at the hospital and talk to all of your colleagues and see if they know of someone at work who is looking for a place to rent. You will probably find someone who works at the hospital just by word of mouth or with a simple flyer on a bulletin board.

@JD Krashovic

You're right there are places near universities that are occupied only by students. However, it is not because they are specifically excluding anyone else from applying. It's only because no one else in their right mind would live where students are in such high density.