Property Management Call Centers

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I run a property management company down in Cape Coral, FL. We currently rotate on who has the emergency line for after hours calls.

However, this is something that we would like to outsource to a call center.

Have you guys use one before? Any you would recommend? Any you would stay away from. 

We actually do use a call center for overflow calls, night and weekend calls

And we have another call center for leasing, one for new client inquiries and another for after hour maintenance calls.

We tried to have one do it all but the reality is these are different skills and different pricing structures, in a perfect world they would all be one center but we could not find that one so we found the best of each and use that

If you would like to know more PM me I would be happy to pass on the information

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We manage over 550 doors and yes all SFR... I do not believe that is as important as understanding the mindset of leveraging your time for growth and scalability. Whether I had 20 doors or 200 or 2000 I delegate low level tasks because I value My time and that is not something I want to do nor is it the best use of my time for business or personal.

@Steve Rozenberg I definitely agree with that mindset. I value my time, either working on other projects or enjoying myself, too much for those these types of issues. 

With that said, what other low level issues have you been able to tackle with outsourcing?


I think your idea is the right thing to do.

We manage our properties with a virtual pm call center. My office is very quiet to welcome new leads since.

I get all updates and rent to involve only when needed.

I'd give you the name but the app is blocking me from found so.