Renting to Green Card Residents

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Hello All,

I currently have a unit in Pittsburgh for rent and I was recently approached by a couple who have a green card. I never was approached by a non-US Citizen before and I am uncertain of how to approach the situation. The couple actually have State issued ID's with social security numbers. I was thinking from a legal perspective I would need to perform an OFAC check which is automatically done through my background check system( They seem like a nice couple but I am wondering. Is there any recourse if they damage my property and leave the country? Anything else I should consider?



You have the same amount of recourse with a green card holder as you do a citizen.  Its worth noting that if a citizen wrecks your house and leaves the country, you have the same chance of getting anything from them as a green card holder who does the same.

IMO, you should consider non-citizens tenants just as you would a US resident.  That is, if your screening process is solid, you'll end up with reliable tenants.  FWIW, it's not particularly easy to get a Green card - although the process can depend on the country of origin.  If you are completing background checks, reference checks, they have good credit scores, etc. etc. I'd say go for it.  

My two cents Robert!  Good luck!

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i am not sure if you can differentiate legally based on legal immigration status.

I wasn't sure of the laws to be honest. I was wondering about if there was anything I need to do in addition to just filling out the lease and getting the SSID ect... I did think an OFAC check might be necessary, but was at a loss to say what else I needed to do.